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    BSA's Mandatory Report of Child Abuse

    All persons involved in Scouting shall report to local authorities any good faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, physically or emotionally neglected, exposed to any form of violence or threat, exposed to any form of sexual exploitation including the possession, manufacture, or distribution of child pornography, online solicitation, enticement, or showing of obscene material. No person may abdicate this reporting responsibility to any other person.

    Notify your Scout executive of this report, or of any violation of BSA’s Youth Protection policies, so that he or she may take appropriate action for the safety of our Scouts, make appropriate notifications, and follow-up with investigating agencies.

    OCC Youth Protection Reporting Procedure

     7 Rivers District Commissioners


          Bellingham100, 12014,100100


    Paul Civitarese Commissioner

     Foxboro -LDS Units

         Foxboro -LDS Units111,112111,112112

       James Green Foxboro116, 70   7, 32Post: 32


      Peter Geromini Peter Geromini  Franklin126126
     Franklin & Wrentham  Franklin 17,92,99 Wrentham 61 Franklin 2

       Randy Larosa Franklin & Wrentham   Franklin 61, Wrentham 99  Franklin Crew 22 Post: 911

    Jerry Kazanjian  


     Medfield113,200 10,89
          Richard Bruce   Medway748,367108,367748

       Frank Davis    Millis 11515
          Walter Pelrine   Norfolk & PlainvillePlainville  46  Plainville 132 Norfolk  80 
          Jack Colamaria   Norwood4949
          Bob Sicklick     Norwood4242420




      Joyce Jordan Picture Joyce Jordan ADC  

       Gregg Davis Walpole 44,97
         Unassigned  Wrentham 131131